FoamPRO 78 ICA Solvent Proof Foam Paint Roller


FoamPRO’s painting tools offer exceptional coverage, professional results, and ease of use. Their lint-free foam rollers ensure excellent paint pickup and release, while the tools and accessories enhance functionality. Quick prep and cleaning are facilitated, saving time and effort. With durability and reusability, these tools are cost-effective for future projects. The consumer line caters to diverse needs, while the professional range adds resilience, better coverage options, and compatibility with various paints. FoamPRO transforms painting with quality and innovation.

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Introducing the FoamPRO 78 ICA Solvent Proof Foam Paint Roller, sized 9″ x 1/2″. Crafted by Foampro, this innovative roller is revolutionizing painting projects. Uniquely designed to resist solvents and harsh chemicals, it’s the ideal choice for marine coatings, epoxies, enamels, and more. With its ability to hold more paint and cover a greater area, it’s a versatile tool for efficient and reliable painting endeavors.