DEWALT Buffer Polisher


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DEWALT’s DWP849X 7-inch/9-inch variable-speed polisher redefines power and precision. With a commanding 12-amp motor delivering 0-3500 RPM, it handles demanding tasks seamlessly. A two-finger variable-speed trigger offers control, while wool ingestion shields enhance durability. Weighing just 6.7 pounds, it’s comfortable for extended use. A range of handles ensures versatility. DEWALT’s Controlled Finishing System and rubber gear case cover ensure quality finishes. Plus, the tool-free accessory changes and compatibility with various accessories make it a versatile choice for metal fabricators, auto detailers, and more.

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Experience the ultimate in car polishing with the DEWALT Buffer Polisher. Its robust 12 amp, all ball-bearing construction guarantees top-tier performance for demanding tasks. The variable speed dial allows customization from 0 to 3500 RPM, ensuring optimal results on diverse materials. With precision-cut steel gears, wool ingestion shields, and a non-mar rubber gear case cover, this polisher ensures durability, improved finish, and comfortable grip for an unparalleled polishing experience.