Best Floating Mat for Boats to Have Fun on the Water in 2022

Heading out on the lake with family or friends or giving a water lover the ideal gift? While you can have a lot of fun on your pontoon boat, you may want to expand your deck space a bit. One…

January 20, 2022

Best Depth Finder For Pontoon Boat in 2022

If you don’t have a depth finder for your pontoon boat then you may be missing out on some impressive catches, or even worse, you might find that you don’t catch anything at all. Different schools of fish tend to…

May 18, 2022

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Guide to Buying a Used Sailboat

Guide to Buying a Used Sailboat

Buying a used sailboat is a great way to get a good boat for a good price. Whether you're looking for a low-priced older boat, or for something newer, the search for the right used boat can be long and…

November 30, 2022

Boat Accessories

Best Kayak Paddles

The 5 Best Kayak Paddles for Any Adventure

Whether you are shopping for your first kayak paddle ever or you are thinking about upgrading from what you are using now, you may be wondering, “Do better paddles make a difference when kayaking?” The answer is, “Absolutely.” In this…

November 17, 2022


Best Gifts For Boaters

The Best Gifts For The Boaters On Your List

It's that time of year again when we're all looking out for the perfect gift for the boaters in our lives. Between the latest gadgets and technology to classic standbys and personalized items, we've got plenty of ideas to bring…

November 17, 2022


Best Inflatable Docks for Water

The 6 Best Inflatable Docks for Water & Boat Lovers

Did you ever think it might be handy to have a portable dock you could take with you anywhere? An inflatable dock offers you a mobile anchoring point and swims platform that you can inflate when and where you need…

November 08, 2022

Maintenance & Boating Guides

How to Paint The Bottom of a Boat

A good coat of bottom paint protects your boat, keeps her moving through the water fast, and saves you fuel, money, and work cleaning your bottom throughout the season. But it's a lot of work to do yourself, and can…

October 31, 2022

Maintenance & Boating Guides

How to Restore a Fiberglass Boat: Fiberglass Boat Restoration Tips

Classic old boats have a lot of beauty under those dull, oxidized finishes, and with some effort, you can bring some shine back to the classic lines of that tired-looking but classic fiberglass boat. It's hard work, but the results…

October 11, 2022