ProMariner 63180 ProNauticP Series


The ProMariner ProNauticP Series 2430P stands out as an award-winning innovation in marine charging technology. Equipped with the ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform, it offers 12 performance charging profiles to effectively charge, condition, and maintain batteries, extending their lifespan. This series addresses the growing demand for efficient 12-volt electronics on boats, ensuring optimal battery performance. With global energy management features, real-time displays, and fault indication, it maximizes power efficiency, allowing more time for enjoyable boating experiences.

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Introducing the ProMariner 63180 ProNauticP Series – a versatile battery charger for enhanced marine performance. With 12 charging profiles including Charge, Condition, Maintain, and Re-condition, it’s designed to optimize battery life. The auto-ranging AC input adapts to global power sources while reducing harmonic distortion. Automatic de-sulfation and real-time fault indication ensure efficient charging and extended battery lifespan, making it a reliable choice for boating enthusiasts.