Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery


The Odyssey Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery excels in both starting power and deep cycling, delivering up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. With double the power and triple the lifespan of conventional marine batteries, it’s perfect for trolling, starting, and powering on-board electronics in boats and recreational vehicles. Its innovative design combines massive cranking power and deep cycling capacity, with features like AGM construction, corrosion-resistant terminals, and internal gas recycling. This versatile battery eliminates the compromise between starting and deep cycle performance, offering exceptional power and longevity.

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Introducing the Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery. With a Cold Crank Amp (CCA) of 880, it offers exceptional power. Enjoy a 3-10 year service life, avoiding pro-rata replacements and saving both time and money. Its longer cycle life, vibration resistance, and extreme temperature tolerance make it a reliable choice. No maintenance needed, plus enhanced safety with a non-spill design and resealable venting system. Store it for up to 2 years without recharging, and experience the market’s highest recharge efficiency.