ProMariner 44021 ProSport HD Waterproof Marine Battery Charger


Experience reliable marine battery charging with ProMariner’s Heavy Duty Recreational Grade On-Board Battery Chargers. These chargers feature ProMar Digital Technology for precise and rapid charging. Distributed-On-Demand Technology efficiently allocates charging amps, and the lightweight design is up to 40% lighter than epoxy-filled chargers. An auto-maintain energy saver mode ensures optimal battery maintenance, and built-in safety measures like dual inline waterproof fuses, reverse polarity, and various protections offer peace of mind during use.

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Upgrade your marine battery charging with the ProMariner 44021 ProSport HD Waterproof Marine Battery Charger. Designed to replace the ProMariner Gen 3 ProSport 20 plus, this charger utilizes ProMar Digital Technology for efficient and precise charging. Its Distributed-On-Demand Technology optimally allocates charging amps to batteries. The heavy-duty tri-surface extruded heat sink design ensures cooling while delivering constant current charging amps. Enjoy the expanded LED display with completion status gauge for easy monitoring of your battery charging process.