AquaT Compact Standard Electric Marine Toilet


The Johnson Pumps AquaT Compact Standard Electric Marine Toilet receives positive reviews for its value and performance. Users appreciate its efficient flushing, even with toilet paper, and its compatibility with boat installations. While some find it slightly noisy, it proves reliable and satisfactory for marine use. The installation process is involved but rewarding, offering a functional solution for those seeking an electric marine toilet. Durability, ease of use, and quiet operation make it a practical choice.

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The Johnson Pumps AquaT Compact Electric Marine Toilet offers a compact and efficient solution for marine sanitation. Crafted from durable white vitreous porcelain, it resists corrosion and maintains a clean appearance. Its integrated pump unit handles both disposal and flushing, ensuring a quiet, hygienic, and dependable operation. Ideal for boat installations, it combines space-saving design with reliable performance.